CHoosing outfits....

for family pictures can be one of the most trying parts of the entire process. After you get the outfits licked you have to choose the shoes and then when you get home the shades of blue just don't quite match up. are three tried and true tips for easing some of your outfit woes.

You cant go wrong with solid neutrals

You can't got wrong with soft, organic colors for your family portraits. Pick shades from any end of the neutral range for a pulled together look. If you feel like it's a little too boring for your families big personality choose one patterned outfit or piece for one family member to wear. Just be sure it isn't too attention grabbing or you run the risk of one family member drawing the eye in every photo. A soft floral pattern works beautifully for this. Flowing fabrics that move with the wind, ruffles and subtle accessories will spice up these outfits as well.

Fun accessories

If you go simple on the outfit you can go BIG on the accessories! A fun hat, big bangle bracelets, printed shoes? Wear them all! The fun part about accessories is that you can always remove them at your session if they aren't flowing well. My favorite accessory for the fall is a fluffy sweater. So many cozy ways to take a fun portrait wrapped up in a sweater.


Yep, you already know where I'm going with this one! Utilize your resources. Type in your families specs and let Pinterest take you on a trip to possibility-land. Run all of your favorite ideas by your photographer (me) and pretty soon you are going to be well on your way to choosing the perfect outfits.