Somewhere around two months ago

there was a shift and I started booking a massive amount of boudoir sessions. YAY! I think word finally got out that I was shooting boudoir year-round, not just at Valentine's Day, and I've been receiving a load of inquires every day. I thought it was time I blogged about the boudoir experience for the curious researchers out there.

There are two options to get your boudoir session started once you've booked. You can either show up hair and makeup ready or you can hire a hair and makeup artist through me. Assuming you've hired an artist through me you will arrive clean face and hair. We will chat while the artist does her magic on you. If you arrived hair and makeup ready we will get started right away. After you've been primped to perfection we will say goodbye to the artist and it will just be you and I from that point forward unless you bring someone in with you.

Typically I start the session by asking you to show me your outfits (as of now you bring in your own lingerie, I do not provide any clothing). Once we have decided which outfit to use first I'll give you a brief run through of the sets/props we will be using and then send you to the bathroom to get dressed. Once you come out I like to start the session with simple poses working our way up to the more elaborate poses once you've gotten more comfortable. I'm there to direct you every step of the way and even have photos of the poses I would like to you try to help guide you in the right direction. If at any point you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable to session stops immediately.

Once we are satisfied with the photos we've created I will speak with you about editing. Right off the top I edit out acne, bruises and cuts. If there is something you are particularly worried about please mention that to me and I will accommodate for that during editing. I typically smooth skin, brighten eyes and whiten teeth if necessary as well.

I deeply enjoy creating these galleries for my clients. I truly see so much beauty in everyone and I want to use my talent to help you see yourself that way as well. I want you to leave your session feeling relaxed and stunning! I'm honored that you would trust me with such intimate photos of yourself and I don't take that responsibility lightly. Not only that I enjoy the friendships I've made along that way. Because how does the old saying go? Once you've seen a ladies boobies your friendship will last longer than rubies?

Maybe I just made that up.